Ruam Mit

Thai pudding: This is one of Thailand’s most famous desserts. It is a mix of different kinds of desserts. That’s the reason why this dish is very rich in flavours and tastes, but because you can choose yourself which ingredients you are adding, the taste can vary a lot. It is quiet similar to what … Continue reading Ruam Mit


Tea leave: I have discovered this delicious snack/candy. I didn’t know what it was or how it was called and while walking through the streets of a modest market in the historic center of Chiang Mai I saw it for the first time. Firstly I was observing the lady eating it, then I tried it … Continue reading Miang

First moments

I would like to welcome you on my blog. This is the first post about my numberous experiences, which start in Asia. The purpous of this blog is to share the food culture, history, habits and beautifuls places of all the cities/countries I will visit. After being in a ‘Thai Airways’ aircraft for more than … Continue reading First moments


Sequoia National Park Did you ever think about a roadtrip around the West-coast? I did. I would like to cross the whole West-coast of the United States of America with a van for more than 1 month. From San Diego to Las Vegas, or from Laguna Beach to the Death Valley and many more beautiful … Continue reading North-America


Virunga Mountains Is a group of mountains along the borders of Uganda, DRC (Democratic Republic of the Congo) and Rwanda (East-Africa). You are probably asking yourself why I would like to go there? As humans evolved from monkeys to at least a common relative, I’ve always wanted to observe (mountain) gorillas’ life in their place … Continue reading Africa