Virunga Mountains


Is a group of mountains along the borders of Uganda, DRC (Democratic Republic of the Congo) and Rwanda (East-Africa).

You are probably asking yourself why I would like to go there?

As humans evolved from monkeys to at least a common relative, I’ve always wanted to observe (mountain) gorillas’ life in their place of living. Seeing a gorilla in a cage at the zoo (no offense) is not what I am looking for.

I believe that gorillas in their natural habitat are definately behaving differently than in other animal attractions. And that’s the behaviour I want to observe: How are they acting? How are they surviving? How are they enjoyning the freedom they deserve?

Did you hear the story about the silverback gorilla, Harambe. This story touched me so much, just like thousands of other people. I cannot say anything about the fact that the gorilla was killed because I don’t know nothing about the danger at that moment of the facts. But what was Harambe thinking during that moment, when the little boy felt in the cage (water)?

In the beginning I started with ‘as humans evolved from monkeys’, did he wanted to protect the boy or? I want to find the similar charateristics of a human being and a gorilla.

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