Paro Taktsang, Bhutan

KE Lunana Trek 2010
(Tiger’s Nest – UK Lottery)

I have always had a passion for temples and monasteries, but this monastery is just insane, isn’t it? This monastery is a Buddhist temple complex in the Paro valley, in Bhutan. The site has 7 temples which you can all reach by foot or with a donkey. Yeah I know that sounds crazy (I won’t take the donkey).

The Paro Taktsang temple’s nickname is “Tiger’s Nest”. The myth says that Padmasambhava flew from Tibet to this temple on the back of a person who transformed herself in a tigress for the purpose of that trip.

Padmasambhava is the Indian Buddhist master, which introduced Buddhism in Tibet.

Bhutan is a kingdom, wich borders on China and India. In 2006 the country has been awarded by Business Week for ‘the happiest country in Asia’.


Wat Phanan Choeng, Ayutthaya

(Golden Buddha – (©Fileep)

At this beautiful place you can find a 19 meters tall (golden) Buddha. I would like to go visit this place because I am always looking after a mix between culture, history and tradition.

 In Ayutthaya, +/- 80km from Thailand’s capital, Bangkok. I will find those 3 elements, Ayuttahya is a city dating back to 1350, the Ayuttahya historical park is recognised internationally as a UNESCO World Heritage site.

I am planning to visit this place between June and July 2016, because as you may know, I will be in Thailand during this period. If I do visit this wonderful and peaceful place, you will ofcourse be able to read about my experiences and memories of this Buddha.


Dhammayangyi Temple at Bagan, Myanmar

(© (you should all visit this website, beautiful pictures)

This largest temple of Bagan is the third place I would like to visit once in my life. You will think that I am obsessed with temples… well yes, I am.

I read about the story behind this temple, and it’s a very interessting one. While building this huge temple, king Alaungsithu was assassinated. That’s the reason why the construction of the temple is not completed (yet). I think this makes the charm of this site, but I will have to see it with my own eyes…

Discovering new cultures and religions throughout their holy places is to me the best way to try to understand those cultures, why the people of each country think and act differently. You need to go back and have a look into the past to discover this.





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