melissani-cave-kefalonia-island-greece-2The Melissani Cave is located on the island of Kefalonia, Greece.

Gwénolé is my second name, and means ‘man of the sea’. I don’t only have a sailor name but I also have …% of sailors blood in my DNA. My ancestors where living in Brittany (France).

I wanted to introduce this place to you, because it was the first destination which popped up in my mind while searching these pictures.

‘The Melissani Cave’ in Greece, the cave of Nymphs (Greek mythology) is an unique, natural beauty. I couldn’t believe me eyes when I saw this place for the first time. It is a perfect match between forest, water and mountains. This fascinated me but also intrigged me and that’s why I want to discover this Greek phenomenom troughout my own visuals.

On this picture you can see how the cave looks like, but I recommend you to Google it, it’s really worth it. You will be blown away by this beauty.

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