Sequoia National Park


Did you ever think about a roadtrip around the West-coast? I did. I would like to cross the whole West-coast of the United States of America with a van for more than 1 month. From San Diego to Las Vegas, or from Laguna Beach to the Death Valley and many more beautiful places.

Starting with the Sequoia National Park would be awesome. This park in Nevada which is already more than 200 years old, fascinates me. The biggest/largest trees on Earth are growing between other ‘smaller’ trees.

The Tunnel Log is a tunnel cut out of a giant tree, which fell on the road by a natural cause. It is something that shows the authenticity of the national park, letting everything intact. That’s the reason why I put this place on my bucket list, admiring those natural beauties…

Discovering the force of mother nature on a sunny sunday with a fresh beer, friends and a friendly american guide? What do you need more to be happy?


6 thoughts on “North-America

  1. Salut Gypsy Hiker! A recommander: Si tu passes un jour par le parc de Death Valley (comme mentionné ci-dessus), tu dois certainement prendre la petite route vers ‘Dante’s view’. C’est vraiment la fin du monde et la vue qui m’a touchée le plus en faisant ce tour aux Etats-Unis! Et en effet, n’oublie pas le Highway 1 🙂

    Bon voyage!

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    1. Bonjour madame, comment allez-vous? J’espère que tout va bien avec vous! Ok je prends en compte ce que vous me dites, j’apprécie que vous partagez aussi vos expériences de voyage 🙂 Merci beaucoup, et bonne vacances!


  2. Hi again, well, the area you’re referencing is special for many many reasons and really encompasses a very LARGE landmass. But the pristine majesty of the place is a start. The trails are soft beneath your feet, layers upon layers of decaying matter and no cement in sight. You’ll get there someday!

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    1. Sounds really great, I really have to consider it (what I already did) but maybe making this place priority! It is so difficult when you like everything because you know, “Choosing is losing, right?”


  3. Hey Gypsy Hiker! Thanks for stopping by The Highway is Green! We love this region of the US, and I really hope you get to check this destination off your bucket list soon! Make sure not to miss highway 1 along the Pacific coast. Happy trails!

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    1. Hi there, how are you? Yes? What makes it so different than other regions? Can you tell me this or you just want me to discover it by myself? I also hope that the future will allow me to visit this beautiful place! Looks amazing that highway, I just checked it on Google! “Bon voyage”


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