Tea leave:

I have discovered this delicious snack/candy. I didn’t know what it was or how it was called and while walking through the streets of a modest market in the historic center of Chiang Mai I saw it for the first time.

Firstly I was observing the lady eating it, then I tried it myself. The strong taste grabbed my attention. I didn’t have another choice but to ask the lady what it exactly was. So I tried to express my question in a Thai/English mix and in some wonderful way, we undersood eachother.


You are probably wondering what it is too, aren’t you?

The candy is made of tea leaves. The lady puts the leaves in a kind of liquid and afterwards she presses it in the shape she likes. You have to let it dry for a little bit afterwards. When it is ready to eat, other ingredients such as ginger-, coconut- and sugar paste mix are spread on 2 or 3 leaves and than rolled like a pancake or just fold it in two.

During this conversation a guide and a young couple joined us, because they were also wondering what it was. Apparently this is a snack/candy which a lot of eldery eat. The youngsters usually don’t like it.




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