“Sky isn’t the limit”

“We travel, some of us forever, to seek other places, other lives, other souls.” – Anais Nin



36 thoughts on ““Sky isn’t the limit”

      1. Thank you for the fact that the stories I am sharing, I feel you. Traveling is something which is building people’s “being open-minded”, thoughts etc. how to adapt yourself to another culture? While traveling you can get these answers!


      2. That’s a good questions, since I was a little boy I’ve always wanted to share everything. No matter what, sharing is caring! I travel a lot thanks to my work while still being a student and also because of my family’s help. The meaning of this blog is to show people what they really can’t miss in the city I visit, and you are others will visit. You can find everything ok Google but I wan’t to share it with my own experience/words, I am caring about hopefully positive memories of other people…


      3. That’s amazing, I really relate to that! I haven’t had the chance to travel everywhere, but the places that I have traveled to have given me thousands of memories I just can’t wait to share with everyone! I’ve always had a passion to travel, my parents were missionaries when i was a kid- so that also inspired me. Photography is also my biggest passion and Brandon Stanton (creator of humans of new york) is someone i look up to quite strongly. I love to photograph people and things- back to the whole sharing is caring thing!

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      4. I am glad that we are on the same kind of level, no matter how much your already travelled, if you travels you did were memorable, that’s the most important thing!! How are you if I may ask? No really? That’s incredible what you say there!! Photography can express so much of things, passion, love, fear, past…


      5. Exactly, I started my blog in europe and had to halt my posts because my phone was stolen- in the moment i was upset but i am actually glad now because i get to relive the trip with every post! Yes photography can express so many things- thats why i love it, writing as well. when i start typing i just can’t stop!
        and do you mean how am i or how old am i?

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    1. Feel free to share my blog, my dream is to show the whole world how others places can be beautiful and how other cultures can be so passionates! Thank you in advance for that, where do you currently live?

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      1. Thanks, I cannot wait till your new posts. No really? Are you there in the summer also? In the month of August? I went to NYC in 2012 and it’s crazy, I miss it so much!!


      2. Do you travel a lot in the States? There is so much to do in the USA!! Oh yeah? What will you be studying? You can always check Erasmus in Europe, great program! I am going to France and want to visit Portugal, but in September I am leaving to China for about 9 months, can’t fait!


      3. Wow thats crazy! I’ve always wanted to go to china, but i think my biggest hope is to travel to greece, india, and northern africa. There are so many places I want to go, geez. My dad travels quite a bit within the states so I get to see more and more from time to time, if you know what i mean. I’m so jealous that you’re traveling so much, but don’t worry ill catch up! I’m going for photo journalism eventually. Right now i’m getting my associate of the arts (humanities and photography) and then i’ll get my bachelors in photo journalism!

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      4. Ah yeah? Why China? Omg India looks so so nice to do, Greece is wonderful you will definitely like it! Yeah I know what you mean, America is great and it’s easier for you to travel in those states. Haha you will travel a lot in the future no worries 🙂 Wauw that’s a beautiful job, journalism is also a job where you are sharing something or converting something!!


      5. China- because my sister is obsessed with the culture, anime, food, everything China. I’ve always wanted to take her, and of course it’s on my bucket list to walk the Great Wall. & I really hope so! Plus, yes yes it is! as you can see all my passions mix together!

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