Thai boxing man


Thai box is the national sport of Thailand and that’s why you will be able to find a lot of box rings or box events almost in every city and every time of the year.

I took a picture of this man while walking on an early morning on a beautiful and sunny sunday. He was sitting around the ring after he had prepared everything for his boxers.

I tried to talk with him, but it was difficult as he didn’t speak English. After seeing this picture again, I guessed that he was thinking about how he would teach the foundations of this sport, every single day, again and again, to his younger and older boxers.

You all should go to join the locals and other tourists at a Thai box event, because it’s really worth it. People get very involved in the action of the game. It’s not just an event, it’s a place where people come to meet, talk, eat and enjoy their free time.


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