From our hearts with love

  ‘Loving is sharing, and sharing is caring’ Nan, Mai, Jack and I prepared ‘Pad Thaï’ for more than 40 kids in an orphanage. This was for all of us a very special and emotional moment. We wanted to give them something out of the ordinary, something they would appreciate and something which would give… Continue reading From our hearts with love


Sweetest dessert I’ve…

I found a picture of a colorful dessert (Thaï) on Facebook a few months ago, so I tagged a Thaï friend, asking him what this was. He answered me that we would make it together when I would be in Thailand. ‘Bualoi’ is the Thaï name of this very nice-to-make dessert, I probably also have… Continue reading Sweetest dessert I’ve…


Heading to ‘Tak’ province

Being in Chiang Mai for 2 weeks, I am now travelling to the middle of Thailand. I first stopped in Wang Mor, a village in ‘Tak’ province 3 hours from Chiang Mai. Together with my friend Jack we visited his family and friends. We had a wonderful time. The house is situated next to the… Continue reading Heading to ‘Tak’ province


Poppy’s in Chiang Mai…

  This is also a recommendation post. You should really try this restaurant. It isn’t a local restaurant, but more like a chain I think, but that doesn’t matter. It’s more about having a great time with your friends, family or other people you love/like. With this food the whole story/moment will be complete…`  … Continue reading Poppy’s in Chiang Mai…


The fresh taster

  I really don’t know what it is and I couldn’t ask because the lady didn’t speak English. The only thing I know is that this snack is made from coconut. It’s better to eat it cold. During the hot times in Thailand, this snack will be able to refresh your palet. (which is needed… Continue reading The fresh taster


Heading to Ayutthaya

After a few days we left ‘Tak’ province to the center of Thailand, Ayutthaya, which is the former capital of Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya province. You really should visit this city, it’s a city rich of historical monuments and parks. We were ready for more than a 7-hours-trip by bus. We watched some movies, listened… Continue reading Heading to Ayutthaya


Hit the ground

  Do you want to party or relax after a busy day visiting Chiang Mai or other beautiful places? ‘Hit the ground’ is probably the answer to your needs, if you like to have a good time with local people. I really liked this bar. You can eat and drink whatever you like. You can… Continue reading Hit the ground


Pa Mat in ‘Tak’

Pa = aunt. In Thailand we give this name to a lady that is older than you! This shows more respect to the person. We went to eat in this little restaurant with a beautiful view of the ‘Ping’ river. You know that river where I swom and helped a fisher during my first day.… Continue reading Pa Mat in ‘Tak’