Chiang Mai’s motorcycle repairman


I don’t have to tell you anymore that I prefer walking in the streets where you can meet local people, instead of the touristic places.

Yesterday I met this man. He is one of Chiang Mai’s motorcycle repairmen. There are a lot repairmen in this city. If you ever visit Chiang Mai, you will understand why.

I approached him very slowly, because he was siphoning off the petrol of a motorcycle’s tank and I didn’t want to disturb him during his work (which I did a few minutes later). He friendly invited me to sit next to him to watch him working. Like that we automatically started talking about a few things.

He told me he had two kids. We were talking about our origins and what I was going to do next that day. A very nice man. I appreciated enormously his way of welcoming me while being quiet busy.




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