Taxi driver/entertainer



While walking in the ‘Walking street’ of Chiang Mai, I’ve met this taxi driver who was playing guitar during his spare time. I took this picture because I like the fact that he doesn’t care what his colleagues will say about him or if they would laugh at him.

I think that he just wanted to grab the attention of the people/tourist passing by, sharing his skills while giving us a good time to remember.

Later on I tried to find which kind of guitar it was, because it seemed a litte different from the guitare I personally know. It’s called ‘Seung’, a northern Thai music instrument. If you are asking yourself if the music was good, I can tell you that he is a good player.

When you enter in the side street, if I could call it that way, you will be able to meet local people and find more beautiful and powerful memories. That’s what I am always looking for while travelling.

This video is added at my Youtube-account, you can see the taxi driver playing if you would like to.



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