Pad Thaï


It’s difficult to live without food, but it’s even more difficult to be in Thailand without trying the delicious Pad Thaï. This is the 2nd most famous dish of Thailand, after ‘Som Tam’ which is a spicy Thai papaya salad.

The fried noodle dish is generally served as a street dish. You can find it in restaurants, fresh markets, but also at the street stalls of the city. While eating it hot all the flavors of the ingredients will commune better than if you would eat it cold.

But what makes the taste so good? The next ingredients are the reason of this rich-in- taste-dish:

– Dried rice noodles

– Eggs

– Tofu

– Tamarind pulp

– Fish sauce

– Dried or fresh shrimp

– Garlic or shallots

– Red chili pepper

– Palm sugar

– Lime

– Peanuts

As you can see this dish contains so many ingredients. It would be smart to follow some cooking classes where you learn to prepare Pad Thaï with local people who speak English. You can get the information at the tourist desks.

  • It’s up to you, what you add, but without lime, I personally think that the taste is not the same. If you don’t like shrimps, that wouldnet cause any problem because not everyone is adding schrimps to this dish.


‘Enjoy your food’




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