The 18-years old Monk


Up till now, this was the most beautiful meeting I had during this trip in Thailand. This was pure destiny, because imagine, if I wasn’t visiting this temple or if I had been there 5 minutes later, I maybe wouldn’t have met him. This moment really warmed my heart.

Every time I see a Monk, I greet him in the most polite way. I will make a post about how to greet people in Thailand, 3 + 1 ways, later. I greeted him and we stopped walking. We approached each other to have a conversation.

He was so proud to say that he started to learn English 3 months ago but that he never had the opportunity to talk in English. So we practised the language of Shakespeare together. We talked about how and when he became a monk and why.

He took the first steps as a Monk at the age of 10. He didn’t understand the question: ‘Why did you choose to become a monk?’ I tried to explain but I didn’t insist.

Sharing stories about my last visit in Chiang Mai, volunteering in the school and orphanage… He was at this temple to visit a friend of him, to meditate together.

P1000365P1000364After these 10 minutes we said goodbye to each other. He was going to ‘Wat Suan Dorg’ temple and I was going to visit the temple where he just came from with his friend. I visited the temple and tried to think about my life what I already achieved and what I have to change about myself, all the good and bad things I did. It’s a good thing to reflect on your life once in a while.

The next temple I was about to visit, was on the other side of the lake. There I met the Monk again at the exit of the temple I was going to visit. We were happily surprised and we continued to talk.


He invited me to go to the temple with him, but my friend was going to pick me up in 30 minutes so I couldn’t. I told him ‘ I know that Monks don’t have phones, so it’s quiet difficult to communicate’. Then he just pulled out his phone. That was such a funny moment. I was shocked and even a little bit ashamed about my thoughts.

‘Thank you for this moment, I will never forget it.’


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