A covered lady



Pictures of the beautiful royal garden and pavilion where this lady is taking care of the flowers you are able to find under the topic ‘Adventures’.

I was walking on a path in the middle of the garden and I tried to take a picture without hooking her attention, but she immediately saw me without showing any surprise.

This is maybe why this picture is more relevant. I don’t know why, but through this picture you are able to see the hours of work, the hours of keeping the garden beautiful for the Monks, tourists and local people.

I could ask myself more questions about this lady, about her life, work and what she was thinking about that moment etc.

That’s why I made a topic ‘Portraits’ on this blog. While travelling you normally meet less people who don’t speak your language than do speak it.

Just talking about the eyes, the behavior, the way of posing or standing is number one subject on this topic.


* We talked to each other a little bit. I told her I am from France and travelling in Thailand. That’s one a few words I can say in Thai. I also started to sing ‘La vie en rose’ of Edith Piaf but it didn’t help.


2 thoughts on “A covered lady

  1. Het harde labeur, zoals dat van bouwvakker, wegenwerker of zelfs tuinier, wordt eigenaardig genoeg door vrouwen uitgevoerd. Hoe meer ze in de “al dan niet gezonde” buitenlucht werken, hoe meer de zon hen kleurt en ze de stempel krijgen van lagere klasse. Daarom beschermen ze zich vaak tegen de schadelijke stralen van de zon.

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