Royal Park Ratchaphruek







Temples are not something, which is missing in Thailand. In Chiang Mai, where I currently am, it is unbelievable how many Temples there are based.

‘Royal park Ratchaphruek’ is a site situated around Chiang Mai and is a very relaxing place with international gardens (India, Japan, Morocco etc.), one beautiful temple, a little lake and also an interactive building where you can enjoy videos of The King of Thailand Rama IX, who is world’s longest-serving current head of state.

I have so much admiration for the people who are working in the garden; those flowers are just wonderfully putted in good combinations in connection with the temple on the hill of the site. I guarantee you that it’s worth it to do everything by foot and not by bicycle or little van. That way you can enjoy every single secret of the Royal Park by choosing your own way to visit.

Butterflies and birds are the park’s best friends. For me it was difficult to be quiet and not scare them but it went well and I’ve met the friends of ‘Royal park Ratchaphruek’ while taking a lot of pictures.

Inside the temple I took a few pictures of the Royal family, which is always interesting while travelling through a country. To know or learn about the past, present and future of every country/city is crucial. Not only that, but also to learn about the constitution of the local society. I’m about to know and tell you more about it in the last week of my visit to Thailand. Then I will visit the national museum.

I got the luck to have my friend with me, who knows almost everything here in Chiang Mai. We went by motorcycle to reach the site. Taking a cab would not be that much expensive but just more than you will be used to pay while visiting the historical center of Chiang Mai. After all it’s very worth it to come and communicate with yourself, relaxing and taking a deep breath instead of being 24/24 in the traffic jam.


  • Be careful for the snakes, because there are a few. Just kidding we just met 1 snake sleeping or just waiting for us to come by. I don’t know what he was doing!


‘Bon voyage’


12 thoughts on “Royal Park Ratchaphruek

  1. Hello, hope you can help! I am currently in Bangkok, not far from suvarnbhumi airport and I am travelling up north to Chiang Mai tomorrow evening. But having a bit of trouble trying to make sure I’m not making any mistakes in booking transport. I am wanting to book a sleeper bus from mochit station but didn’t know whether it was easier to do it online or whether we could book it at the the station. Do you have any information at all? Please and thank you! Amie 🙂


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    1. Hi Amie, how are you? Glad that you are coming to Chiang Mai, so yeah it’s better to go to the bus station immediately without online booking. Nowadays it isn’t a very busy period in Thailand, and there are a lot busses so no need to reservate the ticket. Just go tomorrow morning to the station, to be sure!! A friend told me this, he is from Thailand. I don’t promise ofcourse because I didn’t take the bus but I wish you good luck and a wonderful stay in the north of this beautiful country. For Chiang Mai activities you can check out my posts if you want 🙂 Greetz

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      1. I’m great thank you! Yourself? Thank you that’s so helpful! The websites can be so confusing, I have just been reading up on your blog posts and will definitely be taking a look into visiting the places mentioned! Thank you again! 🙂

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      2. I am very fine thank you, currently in Tak province. Yeah it’s that sometimes it’s good to ask around for more information! Great because I am really trying to share the greatest places of every city I visit!

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      3. I am in Thailand for about 1 month, than France and other countries before leaving Europe to China in September for about 9 months! That’s also good to keep the memories written, everyone needs it I think. With all the beautiful things we see it’s too difficult to remember everything.


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