The lucky fish


“Give luck a chance to happen” – Tom Kite

Initially my friend and I were about to visit a temple, but after our lunch he brought me to the ‘Ping’ river where we did something quiet special and very local. Not a lot of tourists know this place (yet).



Believe it or not but a few fishes are giving or can give a certain luck in life, school, work or love. In this place I bought a certain fish which will give me good luck in my life as a student (I just passed every exam of this school year). As you may know I am going to study in China (Hangzhou) next year, so I will need a lot of luck for those exams.

I liked it so much because I played along with ‘the game’. Together with my friend, we tried to believe that the fish actually will give us luck. I could feel the connection with the fish’s mind and mine (laughing).

This moment was also nice because almost all the local people do this ritual and foreigners don’t know much about it. While doing this I felt like a native Thai for a few minutes.



Being in another culture is easy. You take the plane or car and you get everywher. Adapting to another culture, that’s something different though. It’s not always easy to find a good way of behaving yourself through the rules of the culture(s) you are travelling in.

It’s even kind of exciting when you leave your country to a new country, not knowing how it will be and how you will react to the things you will see.

But to continue about ‘The lucky fish’: the ritual is meant to talk to yourself in your mind and wishing something. Thai people also get a card on which they can read something about luck. It’s important to touch the fish before putting it in the water, in order to be connected with the fish’s luck forever. (I almost lost my fingers).

* (Anecdote) – I was acutally thinking, ‘hey the fishes are not bringing good luck but they are just to feed the bigger fishes in the river we put them in. As a marketing student I see marketing everywhere even in the depths of Thailand.




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