The guitare man



I’ve already talked about a taxidriver who was playing guitare in the middle of the street, but this man and his guitare is different.

While getting back from a nightclub, I saw this man at the red lights of the intersection around 2 am. Was he going to a concert? Or was he going home after a concert? I will never know, but I took this picture because that moment reminded me of my grandfather.

I have never had the chance to know my grandfather. He sadly passed away a few months after my birth. My grandmother and I talked a lot about him, his stories, his past and his dreams. I don’t know why but I’ve always felt connected with him.

At the age of 60 he started to learn guitar. Quiet late, no? He told my grandmother ‘It’s never too late to follow your dreams…’! At the age of 21 I received the guitare of my grandfather which my grandmother took care for so many years. This was not just a gift, but this was a gift who used to belong to my grandfather.

He touched it, he played on it and he kept trying to hit the notes. At 2am, in the middle of Chiang Mai, I was reminded to my grandfather, by this man with his guitar.

I was imagining my grandfather on his bycicle with his guitare going to the beach…




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