The most western Thai


P1000158I met this friend last year while I was in Chiang Mai with my best friend to do some volunteering in an orphanage and school. When we were having free time, we sometimes went to a pool of a hotel next to our village where we were staying. That’s where I met Jack.

We immediately could connect the end of the dots with each other and that’s also why we stayed in touch. We share the same ideas and have the same kind of leisure activities, which are enjoying life around food, friends, family and trips.

He showed me a lot of local things of this city and country. I got the chance to have a unique guide, as he may know more than others. This portrait is made to thank him for everything he has done for me.

He is a man with a golden heart, always ready for his colleagues, family and friends, always finding the good words to support or cheer up someone.


Because of his studies in the United Kingdom a few years ago, he has the capacity to understand other cultures, people and languages. Open-minded is the word which characterizes him the most, but also flexible in every kind of situation, which is not always that easy.


‘Kab koon krab for everything you did during this year and I hope we will share more moments like these my dear tirak mak mah nalak na.’ ❤


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