The bronze colored temple


Wat, Wat Lok Moli is the name…

Wat = temple (in Thai)

Although I will just be talking about the outside-look of the temple, you have to know this just became my new favourite temple. The colors of the roof, walls, the garden and the statues around the site are just matching so good.


This temple is situated in the historical centre of Chiang Mai and in front of the temple where I met the 18 years old monk I talked about in ‘portraits’. It grabbed my attention while driving a motorcycle in the early morning, looking for a place to have breakfast to start a wonderful day in this beautiful country.

You will probably think “Oooh once again a temple, nothing else?” – It’s true that there are a lot of temples but every temple has its own history, design and aspects which are interesting to compare with each other.

The ‘Wat Lok Moli’ to me means a temple, which didn’t want to be too rich in colors or design. The architecture is showing the simplistic and modest part of Buddhism. It is going back to the initial things in life. Maybe I am exaggerating, but that’s how I feel about this temple.

I was wondering what the animals where doing around the temple. I found out that those are the Animals of the Thai Zodiac and the Twelve Year Cycle, a Buddhist calendar. You will see them a lot here. Search your sign below and find the animal in the city to take a picture with it.

My zodiac sign is ‘Aquarius’, nice to know isn’t?

Schermafbeelding 2016-07-16 om 12.03.20

Maybe you already read my post (anecdote) about the Monk I met at the temple. I wrote that I’ve never imagined a Monk with a phone. I was wrong; the following picture shows you a Monk playing with his phone. But what was he playing? Or what was he watching?


* It will always be an unanswered question…


Mueang Chiang Mai District, Chiang Mai


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