The girl with the big…


She is just so friendly. Everyone could feel her positive vibe. Always smiling to every customer of the 7-Eleven, where she works. That store is probably one of the most profitable of Thailand (laughing).

The 7-Eleven is next to the house, where I am staying during my trip in Chiang Mai, so I see her almost every day. It’s always nice to see someone smiling so much after a day in the traffic, where almost everyone is moody (which is normal, Chiang Mai traffic is terrific).

A lot of bad things are happening in the world: war, racial discrimination, terrorism, etc. So please don’t waste your time hating or arguing. Life is too short to do so. Love every race, gender and religion. Don’t put borders between your approach to others. We are all born from flesh and blood, we all breath the same air…


This girl understands it. Smile to everyone and spread as much positivity as possible.


Thank you for the short memories with you, dear ‘girl with the big smile’.


8 thoughts on “The girl with the big…

    1. I will tell her, I see her almost every day. Because I only to go to that 7-Eleven. It’s next to the house where I stay in Chiang Mai!! She is such a nice girl, doing her work with so much love and kindness!! Take care of yourself Mai #Greetz


      1. Haha aren’t you in Finland right now? I would love to come, but I have to do so many things before 🙂 Step by step I will come to Vietnam, where I would love to travel for a few weeks!! See you Mai


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