Guardians of temples


How is it possible that most temples look very clean, and are surrounded by a beautiful maintained garden?

Monks are doing a lot in addition to their busy meditation. They have many duties on the temple’s site. As they cannot do everything by themself, some local people are being employed to keep everything graceful and to assure a peaceful life to the Monks.



Before going to the terra cotta museum ‘Baan Phor Liang Meun’ (read the post, topic: ‘Adventures’), I met these hard workers taking their break from continuing the construction of a wall. Sharing is what charactarizes Thai culture and this is what you can see in this picture or how I imagine it.

Maybe they are just colleagues and not friends, but they still share the dish you see in the middle of the picture. Or maybe they don’t want to be rude by not offering a part of the meal. I think it was the last one. Thai people are very friendly and bounteous, ‘sharing is caring and caring is loving.’



I approached them exactly the same way as I did with the motorcycle repairman of Chiang Mai, slowly and trying not to get the attention. Which I’m failing at most of the times, because I am always so excited to meet local people.

‘See you soon! Same place, another post.’


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