Noodle Chef


My friend brought me to this local Thai chef and he was so right to bring me there. We searched for it a really long time, because he really wanted me to taste his food.

We first thougth that it was closed but luckely it wasn’t. The very friendly chef and his wife welcomed us like he does with every customer. You really can feel that he is doing everything with so much love and passion. Thank you for this ‘Chef noodle’.

He works very accurately. He weighs all the spices before adding them to the dishes and this is probably the reason why his noodles are so deliciously perfect. This chef knows very good how to put the balance to his recipes.

After lunch, I couldn’t have enough of this place so we decided to go back again to find this amazing flavour I am talking about. Because those are really (lilly in Asia if you remember the letter ‘R’) the best noodles I’ve ever tasted in my life.


I am adding a few pictures from the street in this post so you find it easier than we did. You can also find the address from the place below or in the recommendations topic from this blog.

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