Not identified person


I was waiting for a friend at the local market and she was buying ingredients for the ‘Pad Thaï’ (topic: Food), we were going to make for the kids of an orphanage.

This person was on the other side of the market and it was impossible to see if it was a man or a woman. That was kind of mysterious and I liked it. It moslty depends on how you want to take the picture. It’s easy to take a picture. The good capture that’s another story.

As I always try to capture faces for this topic “portraits”, I wanted to change it for once, so I could wonder and imagine a story around this mysterious person. During the day I was thinking about this person’s life, name, age, face etc. It’s not always necessary to have answers to every question (even if I would like that very much).

I also like the contrast between the darkness/shadow and the colorful (blue and green) background of the picture. I don’t want to write too much about this portrait, so your imagination is not being influenced.

‘See you’


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