What’s wrong? 

Dear society,

I am writing this post, because I really wanted to express my feelings about the horrible events, which are harming our global society. We are all affected by the several attacks. It doesn’t matter where it occures. Africa, Brussels, Nice, Egypt and sadly enough many other places on this beautiful planet.

We have to care about all the victims and all the families. Not only the victims in Europe. Yes that’s right. Europe is not the only continent which is being affected by these cruel and undiscribable facts/events. Most people (not everyone) only talk about the attacks in developped countries, but please… don’t forget other countries/cultures, this is important.

Cruelty, war and injustice doesn’t have a race, religion or nationality. It’s made of a certain negativity and maybe a misunderstanding or intolerance regarding other cultures. 

Anno 2016, globalization became a trend, which is present in (almost) every society/culture. Why am I talking about this? Globalization means accepting other cultures (being tolerant) and adapting your own culture/knowledge to another, trying to commune with other people (connecting the dots). I think that we actually failed, not in the economic way ofcourse but in the way of humanity, but ofcourse this is my own perception…

Why would you make a difference between someone’s sex, race, gender, religion or even history. At the end we all belong to the same family, don’t you think? Do you remember those 2 persons in the forest with the snake and the apple? Right. got it? Ok I admit that this is maybe to much contrast, but it all started somewhere. Why would it stop somewhere?

How can we stop these events? We have to continue spreading love, kindness, peace and positivity. This will be our power and energy to face everything.

Breaking all the borders, which are not always that honest or right. Let’s live in one big lovely community/society.

I am ending this post with one last thing I wanted to say, because this is also something, which needs to stop…

You know that group, which is planning those horrible things around the world? I will not mention the name, because I don’t want to give them this favour. The thing, that is not right is that a lot of people connect this group with religion.

That religion (holy books) did not allow to kill people, it did not allow to torture people and to break the hearts of thousands families. Why would you give your wrong organisation the same name like everyone that believes in that certain religion? That’s wrong, this needs to stop. Let people live there life without making them feeling bad with your prejudices…

Just think how you would feel if it would happen with you, have a certain kind of reflection. That will already help and change a lot I think!

Lots of love!

From young man who doesn’t understand this cruel society.






6 thoughts on “What’s wrong? 

  1. My connection was interrupted so forgive if I post twice it was unintended.

    Gypsy Traveler my friend you are so not alone. There are a lot of us wondering how things went so wrong in what feels like record time.
    Do not let all of this crazy stop you from what you are doing and your travels. The picture you took of the wonderfully happy girl with the smile and bow in her hair I felt clear over here in AZ!
    It is worth continuing the journey. Spread love. I will continue too. Let’s see happens…

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    1. Hi, no worries! We are indeed all affected by these horrible events but we are strong enough to commune together and to join forces to get up every time and to face this as s global society it doesn’t matter where you come from, or what your religion or race is… We must demand full harmony with every person of this planet!! That girl she is so just right, smiling every single day again and again. She is an exemple, I will also continue with smiling. Travelling to understand others cultures and habits, to again the same story. Trying to understand other people, to spread acceptance, peace and above all LOVE!


  2. Your sentiments do you proud, but sadly, torture, cruelty and hurt seem to be part of the human condition and something we can only try and control. I have a theory that war is man’s natural state and peace is merely an aberration, occurring just occasionally. You can blame religion, because although the holy books seldom say outright that killing and torture is OK, they can be interpreted and reinterpreted to give just this message. The priests of all religions should be diligent in delivering the true faith to their followers, but I’m afraid, throughout the ages, their lust for power has meant that they neglected their duty and led the people wrongly. .

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