Pa Mat in ‘Tak’


Pa = aunt. In Thailand we give this name to a lady that is older than you! This shows more respect to the person.

We went to eat in this little restaurant with a beautiful view of the ‘Ping’ river. You know that river where I swom and helped a fisher during my first day. I enjoyed my lunch there with a few friends before going to the city center of Tak city.


She already cooks in her restaurant for more than 30 years. That’s just insane isn’t it? 30 years of passionate cooking for people she loves to welcome in this beautiful place. A very friendly lady. We talked about France and the food in France with ofcourse the help of a Thaï translater. It would be too difficult to talk about this in Thaï or English

‘Kab koon krab, Pa Mat – Aroy Mak Mah’


Ban Tak, next to the white bridge

Tak province


We really don’t have a clue about the adress, I am so sorry!



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