Sala Pao


You can compare it with a dumpling and it’s called Sala Pao. It’s a Thaï snack, which is very rich in flavour. You can choose which flavour (pork, chicken, beef etc.).

If you don’t have a big stomach, than you will already be full after 1 or 2 “Sala Pao’s”. It is so that this is a very stodgy snack, but please give it a try. The outside is sometimes not that attractive but it’s the inside that counts…


Eating it while waiting for the main course would be a good idea, I did it while waiting for my dinner at a foodcenter of a mall in Chiang Mai. This one is with smoked pork and onion. Sounds good, no?

Like Thai people would say, ‘Aroy mak mah’ – It’s delicious/I like it

‘Hear you soon friendly readers

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