The Balcony Chiang Mai Village





This hotel is one of the most beautiful hotel I’ve ever seen, the typical Thaï (Lanna) style is present in every room of this hotel. You can even find this style around the pool, restaurant or coffee shop.

Do you want to escape from the noisy city of Chiang Mai?, do you want to relax after a busy day? You can do it at ‘The Balcony Chiang Mai Village’, the hotel is situated outside of the city, however it is still close and easy to reach Chiang Mai city. It is a relaxing place where you can enjoy a fresh beverage around the swimming pool or jacuzzi and more.


It is also possible to just have a nice breakfast, lunch or dinner while enjoying the beautiful nature and small pond around the hotel. You can taste the Thai, Northern Asian food and ofcourse also many other dishes. There is a choice for every customers’ need.

I’ve tried several dishes during breakfast, lunch and dinner and I have to say that the menu/dishes are variating a lot which is very nice because I like to change a lot. The kitchen is just on top, like every aspect of this hotel.




Are you searching a room to meet with your colleagues or guests? ‘The Balcony Chiang Mai Village’ is offering this posibility, the can hire a boardroom with free wifi. For more information, contact the hotel on the website below or contact them through email.

I also have to say that it is only 15 minutes from Chiang Mai International Airport, so that isn’t too far away. You can benefit from the hotel’s shuttle. For more information, please visit the website below:

Do you want to explore Chiang Mai by yourself with a motorcycle? This is also something which ‘The Balcony Chiang Mai Village’ is offering you. Motorcycle’s are avaible, check it out, ask and book them because they are very nice. It is very nice too visit and discover a city by yourself while driving by yourself. Just give it a try!


Maybe you like to shop in great malls? The hotel is situated next to two malls, one very huge and another one more modest but also very nice to spend a few hours of shopping. As you can see ‘The Balcony Chiang Mai Village’ can you offer a lot things.

The friendly staff is ready to give to the best experience you’ve ever had in a hotel, they will try to do their best to answer all of your needs. Customers satisfaction is what caracterizes the most, ‘The Balcony Chiang Mai Village’.

The hotel received the certification of ‘Excellence’ from Tripadvisor which awarded them for their day-to-day take care.

Click below for the video presentation:

Don’t forget to like the Facebook page as well:

Address: 12 Moo 5 T.Faham Mueang Chiang Mai District, 50000
Phone: 053 241 678



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