Poppy’s in Chiang Mai…



This is also a recommendation post. You should really try this restaurant. It isn’t a local restaurant, but more like a chain I think, but that doesn’t matter.

It’s more about having a great time with your friends, family or other people you love/like. With this food the whole story/moment will be complete…`




Prapokklao Road Soi, 8



5 thoughts on “Poppy’s in Chiang Mai…

  1. Poppy’s it’s Very bad local i don t think to back on It !

    People inside local understand Little bit English, and when they bring the wrong order they get angry with customers and forcing them to pay not a Thailandese attitude

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    1. Hi, I am so sorry that you didn’t have a nice memory of Poppy’s, their English is bad that is true yes. But if you had a service, than I will always reminds you a bad memory ofcourse!! Hopefully it will not happen to other customers


    1. I tasted the strawberry juice and the chicken cashew nuts dish but very good 🙂 Because this place is just in front of one of my favorite temple in Chiang Mai, you can see it from Poppy’s so enjoying Thai food with this view is to me just perfect!! Greetz, “The Gypsy Hiker”


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