Heading to ‘Tak’ province

Being in Chiang Mai for 2 weeks, I am now travelling to the middle of Thailand. I first stopped in Wang Mor, a village in ‘Tak’ province 3 hours from Chiang Mai. Together with my friend Jack we visited his family and friends. We had a wonderful time.

The house is situated next to the ‘Ping’ river (do you remember?) You can find more about this river in the topic, adventure (The Lucky Fish), we almost swam in this refreshing water every day.

We also visited the school of Jack’s mother, to meet the kids and the other teachers of this modest school in a nearby village. The kids were laughing because I am from another etny. There aren’t a lot of tourists in this area of the province.

I asked them to sing for us because apparently they followed singing classes but they were too shy so I didn’t insist. After counting up till 10 in English and talking about the days of the week, we took some pictures in the classroom with the teachers.

After this nice moment we went to the ‘Bhumibol dam’ in the village ‘Sam Ngao’. It’s a dam which is one of the 10 biggest dams of the world. Really big. I couldn’t feel my legs anymore after climbing while looking down how high I was. It’s, however, a beautiful place surrounded by flowers and trees, so quiet and relaxing and perfect if you want to escape from the rush hour.


2 months ago I went to the cinema where a movie about the world’s end and a tsunami in Los Angelos played. I don’t remember the name of the movie. I mention this because in the movie there was a huge dam being destroyed by the water and explosions. While being on the ‘Bhumibol Dam’, I was freightened that would happen in real life time too.

I appreciated this day a lot. Being surrounded by people who like to share and who like to visit places with others. We ended this day by sharing dinner with a long-time of Jack, her is name is ‘Fun’ (more than 25 years of friendship). Chicken, noodles, skin pork and some spicy papaya salad were on the menu. I’ve never ate so much chicken in my life, it was so delicious.

After having a good dinner, we talked about the plans of going to central Thailand. I don’t like to travel without planning what I am about to visit. 3 days later we would leave ‘Tak’ province to Ayuthaya.




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