From our hearts with love


P1000752‘Loving is sharing, and sharing is caring’

Nan, Mai, Jack and I prepared ‘Pad Thaï’ for more than 40 kids in an orphanage. This was for all of us a very special and emotional moment. We wanted to give them something out of the ordinary, something they would appreciate and something which would give them a huge smile on their faces.

The orphanage is situated at the outside of Chiang Mai city, it’s a place where Ella (my best friend) and I teached English to kids while being in Chiang Mai for volunteering last year. My trip to Thailand was also to visit/meet all the people I’ve met last year, so I am glad I did this with my friends.

First of all, we thought, how are we going to do this? As you may read in my ‘Pad Thaï’ post, this is a dish with a lot of ingredients. But after thinking a lot, we found a way to make and transport everything to the kids.

We went to the market to buy all the ingredients for the dish and bags to put the dishes in. After driving more than 15 minutes in the rain, we finally arrived at Nan’s house to cook.

I received the task to assemble all the bags with sugar, spieces and some vegetables while Nan and Mai’s niece were preparing the ingredients for the ‘Pad Thaï’. We all cooked the noodles, sauce and the remaining ingredients together. I can tell you that I have never seen so much ‘Pad Thaï’ in my life (tasted good though).

The mother of Nan helped us to pack more than 40 lunches for the kids. Jack, he was in charge for the communication with the orphanage, contacted them and organized this modest event.

Thanks to the good organization, we were ready making the packages after 1 hour and 30 minutes. Picking up Jack and than going to the orphanage while facing the rush hour was the next step. We finally arrived (on time).


I was so emotional while passing the door of the orphanage. The memories keep touching me. Searching the people I’ve met last year was important to me. After showing pictures of last year and searching I arrived to the moment to be reunited with ‘Mah’.

2015                                                                         2016

Who is Mah? Mah is a boy who I teached English to for a few days last year. During the classes he was always willing to learn more and more about Shakespeare’s language. The last day was difficult, I will always remember it.

With the help of a Thai translator:

On Friday:

Mah: ‘I am happy you are coming back tomorow’

Me: ‘How to say, that I am sadly leaving tomorrow’

Mah: ‘Why?’

Me: *there was a plane above us* ‘Tomorrow I am going with this to France’

We felt so connected after those few days, this was very intense moment. We took pictures to keep the memories undamaged forever. When I left the Orphanage with Ella (best friend) last year, I started to cry so much in the cab. Because I had the feeling that I left him like trash, I wanted to give him a better life or to search a family for him.

This was last year, but this year I decided to go back with my friends.

Staff of the home welcomed us and showed us where we were able to settle the food, the alarm rung over the home and the kids came to the place where they were told to come.

They were all smiling because of the candies that Jack was proposing. They could choose how much they wanted to take. Afterwards, they came one by one to get the package of ‘Pad Thaï’ we made with a lot of love for them.

I really think that they appreciated the food and the time we had togehter. Nan, Mai and Jack were also emotional during this moment, it’s really important to us to give our time and love to others.

After they were finished eating, we played some football and making some jokes and trying to communicate as much as we could. It was a very special moment, which I will always keep in my heart. Wherever I am, I will always think about it.




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