The Great Buddha

Maybe you read my post about ‘Asia’ in the topic: ‘bucket list’… Here you can find all the places I really want to visit once (or more) in my life as a hiker. This post is about ‘Wat Phanan Choeng’, where I admired the 19 meter high seated Buddha called ‘Luang Pho Tho’. I am … Continue reading The Great Buddha

The relaxing day

  After discovering a lot of beautiful places, meeting wonderful people and kilometres of walking, I took 1 day off during my trip in Thailand. Free time to relax and to generate a boost of energy for further experiences in this beautiful country… You can imagine that after hours of hiking my socks don’t smell … Continue reading The relaxing day

The 4 Monk’s ordination

It all started at 8pm with a meeting of local people, friends and organizers of the ordination. They were celebrating through music and having drinks together. It really warmed my heart to see how everyone of the village was connected during this event. Becoming a Monk is probably one of the best days of a … Continue reading The 4 Monk’s ordination

Wat Dok Euang

Do you like art? Paintings? Are you that kind of persons who wants to express your creativity in music, art or another beautiful thing? Than this temple is what you are looking for in Chiang Mai, Thailand. This is a recommendation post, so I will let you enjoy the pictures without talking too much about … Continue reading Wat Dok Euang

The escaping fly

  Thaï people are very aware of eating fresh and clean food. So do local market keepers by making sure that the food they are selling won’t give stomach-ache to its customers. This is post is about the ‘two bags way’. A female market keeper tied two platic bags to a wooden stick, not expensive … Continue reading The escaping fly