Special moment on top of the mountain

This beautiful day started with a miracle from ‘Mother nature’, while passing by local farmers taking care of the lands and the vegetables which are growing in this rainy season.

I know that I am always saying, ‘this is the most beautiful moment or memory’ but so far so good, everything I’ve did was just unforgettable. And so was this moment in the mountains…

Jack and his brother brought me to the top of a mountain where 2 kind of holy places from Buddhism are located, the feet of upper Buddha and the holy water. The fact that I could see this with my own eyes was quiet impressive to me. It also felt like a kind of honor, because this place is not visited by a lot tourists.

Before climbing the mountain, we stopped a few minutes to admire the huge white Buddha who is keeping an eye on the lands of ‘Tak’ province. Inside the Buddha, there is a modest place where you can commune with the religion or/and yourself. The lights weren’t on, so I didn’t enter… I will next time I visit this wonderful place.

The brother of Jack, Jay, did his ordination of becoming a Monk in this temple. He met one of the Monks who was present that day and who helped him to understand more about this religion during those few weeks. I think that the smile says enough…


1,2,3 here we go! Legs prepared, but forgotten about the water, we continued knowing that it wouldn’t be easy to climb the +500 meters high mountain (730 stairs), but it was worth it (Fifth Harmony song reminder).


We had so much fun! I really liked this moment, because we were laughing about everything and nothing while we were suffering from the hot weather + sweating from the effort. Laughing because of being so tired, we still kept talking about it 2 days later.

728,729,730 finally! We finally arrived at the top of this beautiful (high) mountain in ‘Tak’ province. A few years ago I had the chance to travel to Ecuador, South-America. Being on top of this Thaï mountain, I was so remembered to the jungle and mountains I’ve seen around Quito, Ecuador’s capital.

The view was unbelievable magnificent because of the contrast between the huge forest, the blue sky and the sky which was covered with the grey clouds of the Thaï rain season. 3-color-view, added with a fresh breeze which we all needed. We could see the temples and Buddha were we started climbing the mountains, and I have to say that’s it was quiet impressive.


After this heavy year I also needed to relax myself during this trip to Thailand, trying to figure out who I really am, if you know what I mean? Do you know that feeling, when you are happy but still trying to find answers to questions you are asking yourself for a while? Or being scared of where you will be in a few years, your own future? I am in that kind of period, I really need to learn more about myself.


I am talking about this because on top of this mountain, I literally had a deep moment of reflection while enjoying the view. Thinking about my family, friends, school, partner and life in general. It isn’t always that easy to face yourself, but it’s important to do this often. #IReallyNeededThisDeepBreath

I didn’t watch the time because we were so relaxing, but I am sure we stayed there for more than 1 hour on this summit!

“I would like to thank Jack and Jay for this special moment during my stay in Thailand.”







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