The escaping fly



Thaï people are very aware of eating fresh and clean food. So do local market keepers by making sure that the food they are selling won’t give stomach-ache to its customers. This is post is about the ‘two bags way’.

A female market keeper tied two platic bags to a wooden stick, not expensive and a very easy way to catch the flies who are continually trying to grab the food. You will have to visit a local market to experience this habit of market people.

This picture also shows that they care about others. They ofcourse want to sell their products, but they also want to create a certain kind of trust I think. I’ve kind of took it up like this, at least.

What they also use sometimes is a fan which they are fixing horizontally. I really like this because it’s automatic and you can also enjoy the fresh breeze at the same time. I forgot to take a picture… I will take a picture when I visit a local market, and will add the picture afterwards to this post.

In Marrakech, where I travelled back in 2014, they were using fresh mint. Fresh mint? Yes to prevent the people being disgusted of the intense smell of meat or/and fish. It’s very nice to walk around in ‘The Souks’, one of my favourite places I’ve ever been. Can’t wait to experience new adventures in Morocco…


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