The 4 Monk’s ordination

It all started at 8pm with a meeting of local people, friends and organizers of the ordination. They were celebrating through music and having drinks together. It really warmed my heart to see how everyone of the village was connected during this event.

Becoming a Monk is probably one of the best days of a young man’s life. It’s your personal choice, you don’t have to, but it’s better to live a more harmonious life in connection with the Buddha…

As I told you in the other posts of my trip to ‘Tak’ province, Wang Mor is a small village where every family knows each other quiet good. That’s why everyone celebrated the ordination of those 4 monk-to-be men. It was the event of the month.

I was thrilled to be able to join this event. While visiting Thailand, you will meet myriad of Monks, so to know and to learn about how they become a Monk and which celebration they went through, is just powerful/thaughtful.

  • I will always keep this memory in my heart, this moment was so special 

The people who are taking care of the celebration are being helped by the families of the future Monks, it’s important to care about each other during this event of sharing. “Because caring is sharing…”

At the beginning of the celebration, I couldn’t understand anything because the (supreme) Monk was repeating verses of the holy book of Buddhism, added with rituals I wasn’t able to convert in my own thougths. However I could feel the energy/power between everyone. It was like a wave of positive vibes surrounded with a lot of love.

After those rituals, the Monks were guided to the temple where they were going to be blessed as a Monk. I am not sure but the only people who were allowed in the temple during this moment, were the other Monks from other villages or temples.

You may think, ‘why would they be guided to the temple?’. The tradition is that we need to walk around the temple 3 times with everyone present during that day. While dancing and making some (live) music around the Monks. I had a lot of fun during this walk, because everyone is so happy, but that wasn’t the only reason why I had so much fun.

I was the first foreigner who visited this temple in that small village in ‘Tak’ province of Thailand. I felt so honored! The people where so kind to me that I couldn’t have another feeling about this time. They were taking pictures with me and asking where I live or what I study. It touched me but ofcourse we were all there to celebrate the ordination of the 4 Monks.

When the rituals of the ordination were finished inside the temple, the Monks came out of the temple in their well-known orange called ‘Kasaya’, these are the robes of Buddhist monks. Starting from now, they are all officially Monks.

Before asking a blessing to the Monks with a flower, incense and some candles, the Monks were throwing some blessed gifts. These gifts will give you good luck in life.


Are you asking yourself ‘what can we find on the inside?’ 

  • Well, you can find coins (Thaï currency) packed with paper in the shape of a flower or a star



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