Heading to Doi Ithanon Natpark


One of my last excursions in the north of the beautiful Thailand was ‘Doi Ithanon Natpark’. I enjoyed it but sadly the beautiful weather wasn’t with us. It was raining the whole day and the fog was present all day.


I first visited a small waterfall, ‘Sirithan Waterfall’ which was a beautiful one but not my favourite one of that day. You will see pictures of another waterfall later in this posts, that waterfall is just insane. I liked to spend a day in the nature, after being in a crowded city as Chiang Mai. I love crowded cities, that’s why I am about to go to Shanghai for a few months, but it is good to relax sometimes together with Mother Nature…


With the group and guide, I’ve also visited a rice field of a local tribe. I didn’t know this was included in the trip, that’s why I was happier because I’ve always dreamed to see a rice field. I was supposed to visit a rice field when I went to Hangzhou, China in March. After more than 5 hours delay of our plane, we had to adapt the schedule, the rice and tea fields were removed from our trip. (sadly enough)

Before going to the highest peak of Thailand, we went to another waterfall. The ‘Wachirathan waterfall’ is just ‘waaaauw’ I was so impressed by it’s (natural) composition. I stayed there for a few minutes thinking about life and the people I love while enjoying the sound of the water.

The climax of this trip was the highest peak of Thailand, but when we were there the weather wasn’t our friend. So we didn’t see that much. Next time I will call the sun to ask a sunny day without rain.

We all enjoyed our time as a group and that’s also very important. When you book a trip with a group and the group isn’t that talkative, yeah, than it is less nice (to me). Our group was just perfect: people from Cambodia, Thailand, Canada, Singapore and South Korea. We talked about everyone’s culture, habits and talked about the current events etc.


‘See you later Doi Ithanon Natpark’


12 thoughts on “Heading to Doi Ithanon Natpark

  1. I was just in Doi Inthanon as well and luckily the weather was on my side. It was my second trek through there and now I’m riding around the Mae Hong Son Loop. Incredible scenery and a little more off the beaten path trekking if you’re looking to do more. I plan to ride to the top of Doi Inthanon on my way back to Chiang Mai!!

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      1. Hi, I always enjoying reading about other peoples experiences in Thailand as I spend quite a bit of time here. I’ve been here 5 time thus far, but this excursion I’ve been here about a month so far and planning about another week or two before heading to Malaysia. I did enjoy the temples in Chiang Mai my first visit, there is so many dotted throughout the city along with the ride up to Doi Suthep. Have you sent much time in Thailand?

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      2. Hi, amazing so you are quiet experienced in Thailand haha. I ‘Ve been in Thailand twice, last year in April for two weeks to work in a school and orphanage (volunteer). And 1 month now in summer 2016, for travelling. Greetz, “The Gypsy Hiker”

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    1. Hi Michelle, oh really? And did you like Thailand? So I will have to visit those places again in the dry season to compare? 🙂 Thanks for sharing your adventures, that’s what it is all about here. Greetz, “The Gypsy Hiker”

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