The Great Buddha

Maybe you read my post about ‘Asia’ in the topic: ‘bucket list’… Here you can find all the places I really want to visit once (or more) in my life as a hiker.

This post is about ‘Wat Phanan Choeng’, where I admired the 19 meter high seated Buddha called ‘Luang Pho Tho’. I am super happy that my dream came true. I really wanted to visit this place and I’m glad I did.


It is so huge that you almost have to lay on your back to admire everything at the same time. I ensure you that I didn’t do that. That would be a bit unrespectful to other people who came to admire this place. The doors which are dividing the Buddha from the rooms around the temple are impressive. Hope you will/can enjoy this place by yourself.

While we were visiting this place, people were praying regarding a kind of celebration. People bought ‘Kasaya’, do you remember? The orange robe from the monks. A few men were catching the ”Kasaya’s” and after that they would dress the Buddha with a new robe. I didn’t see the end of this process because we left to another temple, but I think that was the purpose…

I am used to see small Buddha statues while travelling in Thailand, but I’ve never seen something like this. That’s why I was so impressed during the discovery of this wonderful place in this wonderful city.

The pictures will give you a better look from what I mean. My posts is more about the pictures. I really want to show you instead of writing 5 pages of text. Sharing my experiences and thoughts + a lot of pictures!

‘Thank you for the time you are spending to read my stories’

‘See you, The Gypsy Hiker’


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