The relaxing day


After discovering a lot of beautiful places, meeting wonderful people and kilometres of walking, I took 1 day off during my trip in Thailand. Free time to relax and to generate a boost of energy for further experiences in this beautiful country…


You can imagine that after hours of hiking my socks don’t smell like roses, but more like a lovely piece of French cheese called ‘Camembert’. Together with my travel companion, we washed our clothes to avoid that people don’t want to have contact with us because of the bad smell.

In this period of the year, the rain is the most present “friend” in Thai people’s life. But we decided to relax ourselves next to a lake, reading a book telling stories about others. I am currently reading a book about a police officer that was present during the attacks in NYC, in 2001. Very interesting, but on the other hand also difficult to read… You can feel his pain while reading the book.

15 minutes later the rain, our “best friend”, wanted us to get back inside and so we did.


We continued to relax in-house, reading the book, listening to some Thai music. At night time we went to a nice place around the ‘Ping’ river. It was a club/restaurant with (almost) only local people. We were sitting on the balcony of the restaurant. It was a little dark, but we could see the beautiful Mother Nature’s floods.

Getting back home after a few hours of amazing atmosphere with Thai music, food and friends, I saw a truck with only pork heads and bodies in the back, while waiting with the motorcycle at the red lights of the intersection. I could feel the alcohol slowly coming out of my stomach.

Instead of immediately turning my head, I took these pictures. I was so shocked (joking) that the pictures are not that sharp.






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