First pictures 

Wonderful news, it is finally working! I found how to fix it so welcome on my blog for my Chinese adventures!
Greetz, “The Gyspy Hiker”

This is “The Bund”, with it’s beautiful skyline
Fried buns, buns is a typical Chinese snack
Park situated between The Bund and the old Chinese town
Just a memory of Thailand, lovely snack between lunch and dinner 🙂
Old Traditional Chinese town in Shanghai


7 thoughts on “First pictures 

  1. I’ve hovered over the photographs but I cannot see any captions. Did you add any? It would be nice to know where these are and what the food was!
    Great that you’ve managed to upload the images anyway. Enjoy your stay.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Maristravels, thanks for being so loyal to my blog, I appreciate it so much! But are you serious I really thought you could see it 😦 I will check it out, ah ok I see I will edit it with the caption 🙂 Greetz, “The Gypsy Hiker”


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