Love the campus food

This is a post about the food we can eat on our campus! I love it so much.
Greetz, “The Gypsy Hiker”

Here he is again, the buns ( with pork)
Lady making something with “Tofu”
Some noodles and dumplings

6 thoughts on “Love the campus food

  1. Hi Vianney,
    I’m just randomly leaving a comment on this page because I really like your blog and never took the opportunity to tell you – except by subscribing to your page, but I know that’s not quite the same. Oh and I also love food, which is also a good reason to comment this yummy article, I guess 🙂 I really appreciate your respectful and enthusiastic take on things, on just about everything actually, and this is so refreshing and true. I get to work a lot on China but I’ve only been there once, and just for three full working days in Beijing, so I’m very happy to discover China for real through your eyes and camera. I read quite a lot of Chinese books lately but that does not really do the trick… So good luck with your trip, studies, and everything else!

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    1. Hi Juliette,
      How are you doing today? Thank you so much for those nice words, I really appreciate it! Haha food is such a passion, why? Because through out the food you can also a lot about the culture, agriculture aspect of a country. When you travel you don’t have to travel with your mind of your own culture, you have to try to adapt yourself in other countries or cultures e.g. “A few Chinese people spit on the ground, that’s bad!” No why? If it is like in China, who are we to say it’s bad. And that’s very important when you travel 🙂 Oh really? Did you like Beijing because Hangzhou and Shanghai are totally different! Thanks a lot for everything Juliette!

      * New posts are coming but Internet is so bad here

      Greets, “The Gypsy Hiker”


      1. Hi Vianney, thank you for your answer! I am actually just back from a 4 day trip in Taipei, and drafting an article to relate every aspect of the yummy food there! And a few touristic sights as well of course 🙂 You are absolutely right about food and customs when travelling. Food is a direct, naked path to the identity of a country. And the shortest one too.
        I did not see so much of Beijing and my short stay just made me want to come back 🙂 I hope I will soon have the opportunity to travel for leisure only in China and spend more time wandering around and getting lost in the streets 🙂
        Being in a Chinese speaking city again really made me feel liking trying to learn bits of Chinese, but it is such a demanding task… Oh and the traditional writing is so fascinating. So complex. So intricate. I had really no idea of what traditional Chinese looked like and I was stunned.
        Good luck with the Internet and have a great week-end!

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      2. Hi Juliette, I hope you liked Tapai and I hope that you were also lost in the streets there because you see the real face of the city and not only the touristic spots! Chinese language is so beautiful (when you understand) haha but you really yes have to study a lot and go for it otherwise it’s not worth it, you have to practice a lot but it’s rewarding at the end. Enjoy your week too Juliette, Greetz, “The Gypsy Hiker”


    1. Yes it’s really delicious haha, but the texture can vary of our western food that’s true. Oh you mean the jelly with fruit taSte? I love them 🙂 Uptill now I didn’t eat something weird, but I want to try chicken-feet

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