Another day full of new experiences and meetings

Chinese language is so fascinating, when I am studying the characters and I make a mistake (a lot) than it motivates me to continue instead of stopping! 
我叫韦艾楠 = My name is Vianney 

The other international students are just so friendly, so many nationalities! I like it so much here in the campus, and it’s only the beginning…

Starting with some characters. 好
Talent show at HNU
I am loving it
Chinese friends, I met them in march while visiting the campus!
Chinese bakery, next to our campus next to @DreamTown
Chilling before the real work starts
Eating Hangzhou street food at 4am , downtown! After the awesome club
First club of the semester, love Chinese clubs!
Lovely Korean girl! very friendly
Room meeting with nice people
Greetz, “The Gyspy Hiker”

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