Thanks Jason Mullin to nominate me for the ‘One Lovely Blog Award’. We share the same passion for Asia, you visited a lot of countries in Asia. Hopefully one day our paths will cross with many other hikers in the world at a huge ‘WordPress/Hikers’ event. Who knows?


Read carefully:

Thank the person who nominated you and provide a link.

Post about the award

7 facts about yourself

Nominate bloggers and notify them

Give your readers good news.

Who is ‘The Gypsy Hiker’ in 7 steps?:

Asia is the 5th continent I’ve had the chance to visit

I love to scream loud in the nature when I have stress

I am a China freak, in love with this culture

WordPress.com is the best tool to share stories about hiking

Thailand is my second home

I am originally from France but I live in Belgium

I will graduate in 3 months (B.B.A)


Runners for the award:

https://mpatravels.wordpress.com M

https://thehangryrunner.wordpress.com THR

https://skyfullofrobins.wordpress.com SFOR

https://circletocircle.blog CTC

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