From Chiang Mai to Amphoe Ban Tak

“Ban Tak is like my second home, Thailand made a huge impact on my life. I have to discover many other cultures or regions in the world, but this place is so special. Missing them every single day, I would like to thank family S. for welcoming me every time. – Kab kun krap”

Fresh market of a little town
International Cool Kid’s house


Caring is sharing
Pretending to mix the pepers and lime
Natoon, wonderful lady
Pork fat/skin


Beautiful view of Ping river @PaMat’s restaurant (Tak province)
The most western Thai


Correct way, without flip-flops! Offering food to The Monks of the local temple in Ban Tak.


After Chiang Mai to Ban Tak, ready for Ban Tak –> Chiang RAI



12 thoughts on “From Chiang Mai to Amphoe Ban Tak

  1. You made me nostalgic! I visited Thailand twice and I want go back again and again. Such lovely pictures. 👍🏼😊
    I really wanna visit the different small islands in Phuket. I love that place ❤️

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    1. Hi Nicole, how are you doing today? Really? Where did you go in Thailand? 🙂 Once you visited Thailand, you always want to come back ! You should it, you can mix Phuket with going to the south. Crossing the border to Malaysia, inform yourself for the visum!

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      1. I visited Thailand in 2014 March and then last year in the month of March. It was a sudden plan so couldn’t decide much. Me and my friend were in Phuket for 3dys Pattaya for 2days and just a day in Bangkok. It was more of a holiday plan as my friend is restricted to doing a lot of stuff. Hope I will cover as much as possible on my next trip.

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  2. Really really envy you having such a wonderful journey in different countries! I also have a plan to visit Thailand this year or next year. Next time we can share our experiences in that special culture!😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Mélodie, ça va bien? 🙂 Thailand is an amazing country! The food, the people, culture and so much more. You should visit it you can ask me everything about it. And yes cannot wait to share our coming stories!! X



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