Planning of ‘The Big Trip’

I would like to ask you, yes you! The person who is reading this post, to help with planning my trip to Asia. My curiosity for asian culture started to grow after my trips to Thailand and China.

I am leaving to China for an internship, this Thursday. After this I will be graduated and continue my studies in Salamanca, Spain. Before going to Asia where I really would like to live, I will go to Burkina Faso with my mother to support her Tiébélé Santé project.

Planning to make a big trip through Asia, I ask you to help me with this. Did you travel to an Asian country? Did you like a certain place in Asia? Than please help me and write about it in the comments below the post. Give me your recommendations. I like every culture, religion, etc. so this is the reason why I cannot choose which countries or places to visit. I definitely know that I will start in India, but ‘Let It Go’ for the rest of the trip.

Feel free to ask my contacts to have a easier communication 🙂


‘The Gypsy Hiker’



5 thoughts on “Planning of ‘The Big Trip’

  1. I’ve recently been to Laos and I do research in Cambodia, so I would recommend both! Although more Cambodia…Angkor Wat is one of those beyond-earthly places you’ll remember for the rest of your life!

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  2. I think it will take a long time to travel around China before you starting to visit other countries. But Singapore is also a nice choice 🙂 Nepal, India, SriLanka, Maldives:) too

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