General information about arriving in China



I do not know if you must do this in every Chinese city, but when I arrived I Shanghai (China) I had to register myself at the local police station. ‘Residence registration in China’ is what you should Google.

You do not have to follow these guidelines if you are staying in a hotel, they will do it for you.

You must do it when you are staying at a AirBnB, renting an apartment/studio, etc.

The residence registration needs to be done with 24 hours after your arrival in China. Go immediately to your local police station (the police station of your own district).

Otherwise you will receive a warning and maybe you will also have to pay a fine for postponed registration. If this is your case, then do you not forget it. It’s too important.


What do you have to bring to the police station?


  • Your passport
  • Copy of your passport (ID page)
  • Copy of your Chinese VISA
  • ID of the house lord
  • Papers/contract of the house/apartment (the house lord needs to give you this)


I didn’t do anything; I went inside of the police station, gave all the documents and they just asked me to sign the paper and it was ok. I also brought the contract of AirBnB that was proving I stay there, but they didn’t ask for it.


The way to it wasn’t easy, I will never forget it. I went to address that a person gave me, they told me it was the station of registration. à closed, I knocked at the door of a company. The very friendly lady helped me for almost 30 minutes. She called more than 20 times, I think she called almost every police station in Shanghai J


I gave her my address and district so she knew where it was, but everybody send her to a new phone number. Again, and again reaching new stations, I was feeling so ashamed that she was losing her time in helping me. Finally, she got an address, I took the first cab I found and went to the police station for my registration. I left the station at 10:45am (Jiangsu Lu) in a hurry because my friend ‘Hong Ya Lin’ (my friend coming from Hangzhou) was almost at the Hongqiao Railway Station.


At the end, it’s easy, just be sure to have all the documents and to know the exact police station of your district and it will only take you 30 minutes (depending on the queue)

This chart lists only county-level divisions of Shanghai:

Name                     Chinese                 Pinyin                     Division Code

  Huangpu District[5]
(City seat)
黄浦区 Huángpǔ Qū 310101
  Xuhui District 徐汇区 Xúhuì Qū 310104
  Changning District 长宁区 Chángníng Qū 310105
  Jing’an District 静安区 Jìng’ān Qū 310106
  Putuo District 普陀区 Pǔtuó Qū 310107
  Hongkou District 虹口区 Hóngkǒu Qū 310109
  Yangpu District 杨浦区 Yángpǔ Qū 310110
  Minhang District 闵行区 Mǐnháng Qū 310112
  Baoshan District 宝山区 Bǎoshān Qū 310113
  Jiading District 嘉定区 Jiādìng Qū 310114
  Pudong New Area
浦东新区 Pǔdōng Xīn Qū 310115
  Jinshan District 金山区 Jīnshān Qū 310116
  Songjiang District 松江区 Sōngjiāng Qū 310117
  Qingpu District 青浦区 Qīngpǔ Qū 310118
  Fengxian District 奉贤区 Fèngxián Qū 310120
  Chongming District 崇明区 Chóngmíng Qū 310151

(source: Wikipedia)


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