Fresh Chinese food is just heaven!

Food is heaven in China (if you like Asian food! You should try it out even if you do not like Chinese food in Europe. The taste is totally different, so visit a typical Chinese restaurant and than you can say if you like it or not.

Chinese cuisine is very diversified, you literally have everything. They also eat everything of the animal, NO waste!


“The Gyspy Hiker”

Noodles is all we need
Steamed Baozi 包子
Delicious chees cake/pastery, not too sweet
The four pictures above are taken @Grandma’s House, food chain founded in Hangzhou. It’s very local and delicious Chinese food, YOU HAVE TO TRY IT! “Wai Po Jia” is the Chinese pronounciation.
You can find mix all the ingredients you want, self-serving and than ordering the sauce you want

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