Quality time in the beautiful city of Shanghai

Spending a lot of time with my friends during the free time we have. There are so many things to do in Shanghai, it’s very crowded but you get used to it. 
I was walking on Nanjing Road (one of the busiest streets of Shanghai), and lost my subway-card. I did the way back and you will not believe me, but I found it back after telling a  man who took from the ground  it was mine. 

“The Gypsy Hiker” 

Zhongshan Park, a park next to my place where I can rest on a Sunday morning
Chinese old couple doing their daily sport, a lot of admiration for them
View of my friend’s apartment
Video calling with my goddaughter, Amalia
Samuël and I studied together in Hangzhou, now both having an internship in Shanghai. So happy to see him again
Xiantidi, The French Concession in the center of Shanghai.
Eating some noodles with a friend, he is also having an internship in Shanghai
The girl was so sweet, she was so shy to ask to take those pictures
no comment
Going back to the office after visiting a trade fair


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