Open the link to discover your dream about Chinese food 

While looking at these picture, you will be able to discover how delicious Chines cuisine looks like. Delicious is a subjective word, but to me these dishes are the best.

I would like to thank all of you for the big support of my blog, glad that some of you are enjoying my posts of my stories in China. 

Two posts are coming about place recommendations, “Jing’An Temple” and “TIANZIFANG”.

“The Gypsy Hiker”

Mango with cream and mange juice under it, you will see a lot of people eating this! 30¥
Pancake, dumplings, and an egg mixture with sauce and pickles
I love really love this pancake, brown sweet sauce, spicy, bread, egg, etc. (+/- 4¥)
Filled with vegetables and pork, this place is close to my internship so I take of lunches here
What do you need more than sharing food with friends
How they make the famous kind of pancake, her shop opens at 5:30am
Chinese Muslim traditional noodle restaurant, you have to eat at least once

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