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Introduction to my Asian trip


Hi everybody,


It’s a long time that I have been posting something on my blog, because I was busy with studying abroad.

Finally I’m back on the track, in a few weeks I’ll will start the trip of my dream!

I will be traveling in more than 6 Asian countries for almost six months, I changed my concept I will make a VLOG instead of a BLOG because maybe I won’t have time write my stories, instead I will tell them in some nice edited videos on my Youtube channel.

Here the link:

A boy around the world (Asia)

I would to ask to you if you can like, spread and share the video/channel with your friends. Sharing my trips is for me a way to give the chance to people who aren’t that lucky to travel, to discover the world with me. For me sharing is caring…


Thank you a lot and see each other very soon


The Gypsy Hiker

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