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Questions about Japan


Hi readers,

Hopefully everybody is doing great today? Here again a new week, starting with Monday!


Almost starting with my Asian trip I would like to ask you a favor or a question about Japan:


  • Does anybody knows somebody hosting people in their house in Japan?
  • For people that already travelled in Japan, what was the cheapest way to sleep?


I’ve already checked out Couchsurfing, AirBnb, Le Guide du Routard, etc. Is Japan so expensive or is it just an idea that I have?

Thank you very much in advance, Arigato

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One thought on “Questions about Japan

  1. Difficult to say re price. What is expensive to one person is cheap to another, but I would definitely have a look at Airb&b as I think they seem to be the cheapest anywhere. YMCA is still a good bet. The Ryokans are expensive so I would avoid those but I found eating out much cheaper than I had imagined. Just check out when you are there, you’ll find the places you need. Electronics are expensive (to my surprise) so make sure you have enough batteries, plugs, cables etc. before you go.

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