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Reasons of making blogs

Good morning everybody, I wanted to express myself about the fact WHY I make blogs through my Youtube-channel. Why? Because with the amazing trip I’ll do in Asia for 6 months, I would be selfish if I don’t share it with others.

You can always share my links on your social media accounts without asking me, if you have friends or family that love to travel but who can’t because of time, money, mobility, or other reasons? Just share it with them, I also wanted to inspire people around the world.

Click on the video below, you will find out after 40 sec. what I mean!

Thank you for reading and listening 

See you (very) soon

The Human Plane – (Gypsy Hiker)


2 thoughts on “Reasons of making blogs

    1. Hi there, I am really happy that you like them! I put a lot of efforts in them, I will leave tomorrow. Thanks again, take care!

      Would you be able to share them with your friends or people who like to travel as well?


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